1. Mid Summer Dreaming - Hattie Watson

  2. Raw Honey - Kelsey D



  3. Anonymous said: You do phenomenal work!

    Thank you, hoping the other phenomenal people around me rub off on me. Well not rub off literally, lol.

  4. Make him wait - Anastasia A.

  5. Foolish Games - CaciaZoo


  6. sgtserenity2466 said: Where can I find more of "The girl and Shadowfax - Kelsey D?"

    You can’t, I posted the only existing set here, however there will be more of Kelsey coming soon from this days shoot here.

  7. The missing page - Kelsey Dylan

  8. Landscapes and Architecture of A.

    Anastasia A.



  9. nudesbynoah said: I love the title of your blog. Great work too! I sometimes find myself looking at photos and saying, holy shit, I shot that. (and feeling good about myself, well for a while anyway) :-) Happy modeling and happy shooting! -Noah

    lol, actually the title is from a Beastie Boy’s Documentary, where they gave a bunch of fans video cameras and synced them up to the music and they figured the filmers would say ” Awesome I fuckin shot that”!


  10. The girl and Shadowfax -  Kelsey D.